About Us

President | Soundarya

I am studying Communication & Organizational Leadership. My emphases are Public Relations, Organizational Communication, and Applied Communications. I will be graduating this spring (May 2022). I am currently a Program Developer for the Student Engagement Center, the Editorial Intern for the UW-Green Bay Office of Marketing & University Communication, and a Supply Chain Intern for Schreiber Foods.

Publicist | Charlotte

I am a senior majoring in Communication with emphases in PR, Social Media, and Organizational Communication. Currently, I am a Marketing Assistant and University Ticketing and Information Center Assistant at the UW-Green Bay Union. Also, I am a Teaching Assistant for PR Campaigns at UWGB.

I am in charge of this website as well as email marketing/newsletters. I write Executive Board Meeting Minutes notes and any note taking for general meetings.

For my personal portfolio: Home | Charlotte Berg (wixsite.com)

Digital Media Strategist | Hope

I am majoring in Communication and Business Administration with emphases in Public Relations and Management. I am working as a Customer Service Representative at Smith Pharmacy.

Digital Media Strategist | Ashley

I am a Communication major with a Mass Media emphasis and a Organizational Leadership minor. I currently work at Midwest Communications as a part time on-air DJ and a assistant producer for one of our talk shows.

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